A little boy pauses in the midst of crying at the gate of his home in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires.  His parents were nowhere in sight, and when I asked him his name he muttered it so I couldn't understand, still teary-eyed, but he held up two fingers when I asked him how old he was.  5 February 2013
 Behind the scenes of the Chiang Mai Cabaret Show, Ashi, a dancer, applies makeup. Many of the ladyboy performers spend a significant amount of time making themselves look as feminine as they do when they come onto the stage (especially those who haven't undergone medical procedures such as breast implants, hormones and silicone injections). They use loads of makeup, wigs, and stuffed bras to achieve the affect.  (27 April 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
 The sun sets behind Hipico Leloir, a horseback-riding stable in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires, on a muggy Tuesday evening after a lesson.  Juan Jose Bataglia opened the place 20 years ago to teach equitation.  Now there are 16 horses living at Leloir, some belonging to Juan and some to other riders. (13 February 2013)